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MMO Reader's Choice Award - Vote!! ^^

Bored at work and have a computer at your disposal? Have too much time on your hands during the down time of the seasons after the holiday rush? Then quickly click this link and starting voting for which MMO rightfully deserves the reader's choice award of 2007! I'm rather surprised on the outcomes from the category "Most Favorie Pay to Play"... World of Warcraft isn't as high as I would of thought it would. Hellgate: London on the other hand is doing just fine for not just one of the categories, but two! You're allowed 10 votes per section per IP address... make them count! Voting has apparently already started back in December 10th, 2007, ends on January 10th 2008.

Top 3 as of 5:00am Friday January 4th, 2008 are the following:

Favorite Pay to Play Games:

1.Guild Wars (38835) votes
2.Hellgate: London (41588) votes
3.Anarchy Online (11575) votes

Favorite Free to Play Games:

1.Conquer Online (38212) votes
2.Silkroad Online (29706) votes
3.Fly For Fun (20476) votes
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Lost in Blue 2 Journal Entry

Time: Just about sunset around 6-7pm?

Dear diary,

Jack like clockwork left me all alone again! But I'm sure he's doing something to make this cave that we've managed to find to be more suited for living until we find a better place or that we'll find a way off of this island. At least he was nice to leave me a warm fire in the meantime. Just last night he surprised me with a new meal! It was most delicious! Earlier in the afternoon we went fishing with the newly made fishing rod from the materials we managed to find. Jack isn't the best of fishing with the fishing rod just yet, but I'm sure with enough practice he'll be an excellent fisherman in no time. Anyhow we caught some mackerels, sardines and some crabs. He later sneaked out in the middle of the night to gather more items cause he certainly was gone for awhile. I must of fallen asleep for when I opened my eyes, the smell of steamed crabs filled the cave. Jack wasn't around either, so I helped myself to the meal. I ate my fill and with a smile waited for his return to properly thank him for such a nice surprise for dinner. I was half dreading to eat steamed potatoes again, I mean seriously they're good and all. But after eating those things night after night, they were starting to get a bit bland. I often wonder what he thinks of me. Am I a burden to him all these nights together? I do appreciate the things he does even if it's not for just me but for the survival of us to get off this island. I think he's fast returning, I best quickly hide this away and go to sleep. We've got a long day tomorrow, a day I know is full of adventures between Jack and I. Well until tomorrow night, good night.
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Vivian Chow returns...

I'm going to make this a public post... anyhow... Vivian Chow a favorite Chinese Hong Kong singer/actress is doing a concert, more like a return thank you concert. The last concert she did was back in 1994 for San Francisco in which I was happy to have shaken her hand, got some photos and got her autograph. I grew up listening to her music over here in the United States and at times like this I wish I was back in Hong Kong... to be able to go see her concert...

For you fans of Vivian Chow... ^^ here's her concert posters over at there's a Chinese version and English version... ^^

Update!!! 10/8/06 Vivian Chow's May 2006 Concert... "Back for Love" is now available on DvD! Check out the website and order your copy at =P Heh apparently her Concert DvD was available back in September the 1st... shows you how behind I am! *L*
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Feel The Magic XY/XX Completed

People complained that this game was too short... sure in some aspects and how you decide to play it... it is short... but if you don't desire to finish the game and let it get to you... of course you're going to say I'm stuck on it... and skip it over in favor of another game... this game isn't by any standards easy, it's quite challenging and fun if you let it... with enough practice, one can surely only get better at it... as I've said to myself several dozen of times after failing over and over to... keep trying... even if it's damn hard and you're down to one heart... to endure the level and do the best you can and see if it just might let you finish it... and voila... then keep saying I can do this!! Just so you can see the ending... the appeal is definitely up my alley too... which adds an incentive for me to finishing the game... the guy who'd do anything to win the affection of his lady...

Poor guy and poor lady... the things they got to do and endure... but was it worth it! The reward for finishing it... it's just so.... "Awwwwwww" type of scenarios... that and after you get all the hidden blue bunnies in the game... the cute shadow lady gets a bunny band for her head to wear under the "Maniac" menu of the game which is dressing up your shadow lady... ^^ that I got to show you guys someday... anyhow... I'll let this on for public viewing... cause I was so happy in finishing Nightmare3... gah... playing Plants again is plain nuts without a save point... got to beat an upgraded version of Bull, Drive and then Plants... >.> it was truly evil... all in one sitting... man my arm aches from defeating that last battle... and it wasn't even the last last battle... the last scenario is called "Magic Touch" which is saving your lady by giving her mouth to mouth... a la CPR... ^^ a very interesting way to do this too...

Thanks goes to Julio for helping with Scene 11 with the mini games of Snake & Dance... ^^ the attempts you made in playing and beating it to unlocking it in Memories Mode... then playing it some more within Memories Mode to earn more stars... really inspired me to keep trying Nightmare 1,2 and 3 again and again... until I beat it with one heart left... I'll have to show you the stuff I unlocked... ^^

Yipeee!! Unlocked two more stars thanks to Julio for playing Bus Stop... got to level 8... quite impressive... I earned two more stars as well... I beat Plants... and Nightmare 3 under Memories... it's actually not that bad after you find a pattern of burning it's vines... then knowing when to toss the fire into the Venus Flytrap Plant... it wasn't easy... but managed to beat both of them in one sitting... so now a total of 130 (out of 190) Stars... and 60 Blue Bunnies (Completed)... ^^

I made these three wallpapers tonight in honor of Feel the Magic XY/XX... Enjoy!

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