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(Rejoice for this shall be a public post, until I find a valid reason to switch it to private. =P)

Despite some miscommunication on Saturday morning and Sunday morning as to what time I was to be at the doll convention. (http://www.abjdcon.com/) I did manage to make it down there to help Ralph, Aaron and Nando with being part of the security team for Sunday morning from 3am-7am as that was what was communicated to me. Thanks also goes to Nando for driving me from Chinatown to the Holiday Inn over on Van Ness street at around 11pm saving me precious time and energy to walking from my place to there.

After dropping me off at the Holiday Inn where the convention is located, I quickly greeted Claudine and Nando's friend Crystal before passing by them and walking down into the familiar location. The last time I recall visiting this particular Holiday Inn was at a Yaoi-con several years back which pretty much took up the same amount of space and area. Once I got downstairs I instantly remembered since we're underground that there be a lack of a signal for cellphone usage. Thankfully I came prepared with two bags of gummi candies and my trustful friend my Nintendo DSLite to by pass the upcoming long hours. Just as I was about to enter the two double doors I introduced myself and that I was asked to look for Kelly and a Robert to report in for my overnight security shift.

Kelly and Robert were very nice in showing me around and telling me what I needed to know as well as what the emergency flashlight and two radio walkie-talkies. I went about checking all the doors and checking with hotel security and housekeeping in making sure that all the necessary doors that were needed to be locked were locked. Then I got my black security uniform that I strangely didn't need since by the time Kelly and Robert left (which Kelly left at midnight and Robert left at three in the morning) their shifts for mine to start, there wasn't suppose to be anyone else in the that part of the building.

With a shrug I went into the restroom and quickly changed into the uniform found a comfortable chair and busted out my entertainment (played a good three hours of Luminous Arc for the DS finally!) until 3am rolled by in which I put away my Nintendo DS... then went into the dealer's room to clean up whatever hotel glasses of water was lying around and placed them out front so that it would be easily picked up. (I managed to get most of them but left some to housekeeping) Then I went back in and pulled out all the trash bins from behind the tables so it'd be an easier access for the housekeeping to get once they get to them.

Once that was done I went to take a seat, grabbed a cup of water and watched the necessary hallways to make sure no one went near me. Time went by pretty fast surprisingly... and it was soon 6:00am. A lady with a green badge (which indicates Vendor) approached me and asked if it's alright to continue to setup her desk. She was the only one besides hotel housekeeping staff that entered the dealer's room that morning. Since she was the first desk at the exit end of the door, I didn't see why it would be a problem if I left her setup her table since I didn't have to look that far to see her. Much later around 7:30am housekeeping finally came in to empty all the trash bins. In which I kept a watchful eye (like a hawk or a vulture) over where he went every step of the way. By this time I was getting quite nervous since I was expecting my relief person to take over... time crept by slower after 7am since I repeatedly looked at my watch and looked at the stairs to see if anyone was to come by and say that I can finally go.

By 8:30am... I was somewhat relieved to see a lady with a blue badge (which indicates Staff) and I asked if my relief person was to come anytime soon? She mentioned about talking with the head of security then said suddenly I can go as soon as I'm ready to go. I quickly dashed to use the restroom as she covered the front desk. I later come back with my uniform still on since I went upstairs first to call Nando wondering why I'm still there without a person to relieve me of my duty. I wasn't fortunate to reach Nando, thus I gave a call to Ralph telling him that I was still there and wondering when I'm able to go. Also to let Nando know that I'll be there in waiting to get my payment as which it was agreed upon for working the overnight security shift. I later get the call from Nando telling me that he'll be a little late in getting over which is fine and I let him know that I'll be waiting. In the meanwhile he told me to stay dressed in my security uniform and check the badges of the people as they arrive for Sunday morning. By now the lady with the blue badge comes by and wonders why I've not left yet... and quite persistent in giving me hints that I can "go". By then with her and another staff memeber I was getting slightly miffed at giving how they would keep giving me the subtle hints of "get the f**k out" vibe. Much to my HOPEFUL surprise later that they were just concerned of my well being and perhaps I needed sleep. I'll likely never know the truth of it... but *shrugs* meh. I just don't like that type of vibe!

Anyhow by now Ralph and Nando both have arrived and I told them of how I felt overall... it was a very simple (thankfully smooth sailing with no problems!) job of keeping an eye out on anyone approaching the areas that shouldn't have anyone there at those particular times of the day. I later throughout the day lent my help to the staff, security and hotel security my presence as I was just chilling with my friends and in awaiting to get my check. It took awhile for the check to be written to me since the person who was in charge of it didn't arrive until much later into the afternoon actually. Since I've already slept earlier that evening, I didn't really feel any slight of fatigue and thus I agreed to wait until the person arrived so I'd have my check. The person in charge was quite friendly and thanked me constantly for my help... I don't know to be flattered or he was being excessively thankful. I assumed he was being nice and polite with honest words being said. ^^

At around 1:30pm or so think we all had food on our minds and Nando suggested we go get Japanese food for the kind staff of the event and for the security team. We had an EPIC FAIL with the first menu since we both didn't notice that the menu we ordered on said that the restaurant wouldn't be open until 4:30pm until 10:30pm and had already compiled a list of food from the members of staff & security. Which meant that they weren't open for breakfast or lunch and will be open for dinnertime. Thus we had to look at another menu and made sure that it was open and ended up with the restaurant called "Nara Sushi". They happily served us green tea after we made the huge order that was for the staff and the security team.


Their price of sushi and bento boxes seemingly cost the same as the ones within Japantown. The Unagi Donburi ( Freshwater Eel with Teriyaki Sauce over Rice) was exceptionally delicious for 9.95$!

After eating and resting within Con-Ops room, time seemed to have passed by rather fast as Ralph and I patrolled about Dollectable's dealer's room which had a lot of interesting booths, selling a lot of fascinating dolls of all sizes and shapes. Much thanks goes to Ralph for lending me his camera to take some photos that were featured... I'll hope to get a chance to upload some of them onto this journal entry for those who love dolls and wasn't there. I pretty much stayed the entire day of Sunday for this convention, it didn't officially end until after 5pm. In which by then Ralph and I told our goodbyes to Nando and thanking him for giving us the opportunity to work as security with him at Dollectable.

After that and surprisingly not feeling tired at all... we walked from the corner of Van Ness & Geary all the way towards downtown San Francisco in hopes of catching a film. We were banking on watching "The Dark Knight" on the IMAX... but pretty much was an "EPIC FAIL" since it is box opening weekend and the Metreon is the only IMAX in the city... ugh! Screw waiting for a 10:30pm regular showing of the movie, which at that time was only 6:00pm still!

All the other showings prior to that was completely sold out which was not a surprise for "The Dark Knight". Thus after visiting the various theaters in the downtown area, we settled in watching "The Incredible Hulk" since neither of us have seen it and expressed an interest in watching it. ^^ Oh well... and I quote: "We wanted to watch a DC movie and ended up watching a Marvel movie!" Either way it was a superhero movie as agreed... though it really sucks that most of my friends that can GO OUT to see it has already seen it with their friends. I'll just have to wait and be patient and catch "The Dark Knight" on the IMAX. For now I've just finished dinner, shower and now onto catching up on some Japanese Animation before finally letting sleep succumb me... oh crap my daily facebook applets that I'll likely wanting to visit too... ugh.


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Jul. 21st, 2008 07:46 am (UTC)
It's also showing in West Portal!
I managed to see the film (but not in a proper way) :p but I noticed the other day how they were playing it at Empire.
Jul. 21st, 2008 08:26 am (UTC)
Re: It's also showing in West Portal!
Hrm... i'm gonna say you either snuck in.. or saw it online, i'll go with the latter
Jul. 21st, 2008 08:48 am (UTC)
Re: It's also showing in West Portal!
O.o I'm very surprised the Cinemark got a "The Dark Knight" print...

But even if it was playing there... I'd not see it there, I've not spoken to Wilson in a long time and I'd hate to constantly just visit him for movies... he doesn't call me on a consistent basis either... and I don't bother him since he's working two jobs and hardly free nowadays.

Plus it's not the money for "The Dark Knight" I still have two AMC Gold Tickets for the IMAX version.
Jul. 21st, 2008 08:25 am (UTC)
Wow what a long day, i've probably had just a long day on my end, but fun too.

Sorry to hear there were sooo many sold out Dark Knight airings, i managed to catch it, i enjoyed it, but i have my comments about it.
Jul. 21st, 2008 08:50 am (UTC)
It's to be expected on box opening weekend! =P My hours of staying up since last night 11pm is still counting... haven't slept yet. ^^ Got so much on my mind to do... need to catch up on anime to watch.
Jul. 21st, 2008 10:53 pm (UTC)
I thought you guys were TIRED from the con?! I couldn't imagine trying to watch a movie after being awake all night. I'm glad the whole thing worked out though and you earned some extra moneyz. =D Catch up on your sleep!
Jul. 22nd, 2008 01:28 am (UTC)
I'm sure I sounded tired... but oddly I was wide awake after the convention was over thus I rather go try to watch a movie since there was a few that I managed to have missed.
Jul. 22nd, 2008 01:16 am (UTC)
*attempts to read*... too long.... is there a digest version?
Jul. 22nd, 2008 01:26 am (UTC)
LOL guess the summarized version would be sleep/didn't arrive for me yesterday. Managed to check out a doll convention and watched "The Incredible Hulk over The Dark Knight" =P
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 22nd, 2008 06:15 am (UTC)
Re: The doll house
It was fun and most entertaining... how did the photos turn out?
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 22nd, 2008 11:31 pm (UTC)
Doh... yeah I should of re-tried with flash on for some of the dolls... oh well. Keep forgetting the light source was concentrated and limited to one bulb overhead...
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