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Vivian Chow returns...

I'm going to make this a public post... anyhow... Vivian Chow a favorite Chinese Hong Kong singer/actress is doing a concert, more like a return thank you concert. The last concert she did was back in 1994 for San Francisco in which I was happy to have shaken her hand, got some photos and got her autograph. I grew up listening to her music over here in the United States and at times like this I wish I was back in Hong Kong... to be able to go see her concert...

For you fans of Vivian Chow... ^^ here's her concert posters over at there's a Chinese version and English version... ^^

Update!!! 10/8/06 Vivian Chow's May 2006 Concert... "Back for Love" is now available on DvD! Check out the website and order your copy at =P Heh apparently her Concert DvD was available back in September the 1st... shows you how behind I am! *L*
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